Refill Sports and Events

Refill Sports and Events

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The First Aid content Sport suitable for the First Aid Bag Sport and Events. Extremely suitable for sports clubs, schools or events.


The First Aid content Sports and events for Sports associations, events, extracurricular activities and first aid associations. The well-stocked 108-piece first aid content ensures that the first aid kit is up-to-date again and meets the guidelines. The most common first aid aids such as bandages, compresses, quick bandages, cool packs, trauma bandages, plasters, bandages, wound quick bandages are present in the refill set.

What are the advantages of the Refill Sport case?

  • Spacious 76-piece set with the most common first aid materials
  • Extra included: 5 Handy Pull Tite closures to seal the first aid kit
  • Equipped with the most common products in the field of sports care such as Coldpacks and cool spray

Some first aid equipment is recommended in addition to the first aid kit. Make sure that the first aid kit stays sealed for longer by hanging a Plaster Dispenser next to it or an Eyewash bottle if you work with certain substances from Plum.

If you wish to order the materials separately, view the Checklists. Make sure that the first aid kit is checked for its contents at least once or twice a year. This way you will never be faced with certain surprises.

Tip: Add a reusable Coolpack to put in the freezer for sprains and bruises.

HEKA Item number: TR0510NAV

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