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Prymos spray fire extinguisher Vehicle

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The Vehicle spray fire extinguisher has a good extinguishing capacity for both solids and liquids and is frost resistant to -15°C. This spray fire extinguisher is specially intended for various types of vehicles such as cars, campers, caravans and boats.


Buy Prymos Spray Fire Extinguisher Vehicle? Always Prepared for Vehicle Fires

Are you looking for an effective way to protect yourself and your vehicle against fire hazards? Then consider purchasing a Prymos spray fire extinguisher vehicle. Read on to discover the benefits of this vehicle extinguisher and when it is the right choice for your fire safety. Every big fire starts small. As long as the fire is still local and has not spread to the surrounding area, it can be extinguished with relatively little effort and resources. The sooner this happens, the smaller the damage. A quick response is therefore of great importance in firefighting. A portable fire extinguisher that hangs up to 25 meters away and can only be used properly by trained emergency response personnel will not contribute to a quick response. It is therefore important to have a fire extinguisher within reach in case of an emergency that is easy to operate and has a certain extinguishing capacity. Prymos spray fire extinguishers meet exactly these requirements.

Advantages of a Vehicle Spray Fire Extinguisher

A Prymos vehicle extinguisher offers several advantages that are crucial for vehicle fire safety:

  1. Compact and Portable: The vehicle fire extinguisher is compact and portable, allowing it to fit perfectly in your vehicle without taking up much space.

  2. Vehicle Specific: A vehicle fire extinguisher is specifically designed to meet the needs of vehicle fires. It can quickly and effectively extinguish fires in engine compartments and other vehicle-related fires.

  3. Easy to use: With a Prymos vehicle extinguisher you have a user-friendly solution at hand. It requires minimal effort to activate, even in stressful situations.

The Vehicle spray fire extinguisher has a good extinguishing capacity for both solids and liquids and is frost resistant to -15°C. This spray fire extinguisher is specially intended for various types of vehicles such as cars, campers, caravans and boats .

When a Prymos Universal Spray Extinguisher or Vehicle Extinguisher?

Choose a Prymos universal spray extinguisher if you are looking for a versatile solution that is suitable for different fire classes and applications in the home, office or public areas. A Prymos vehicle extinguisher is the perfect choice if you are specifically looking for fire protection for your vehicle. Whether it concerns a car, boat or bus, this vehicle extinguisher offers targeted protection against fires that can start in vehicles.

Pros Prymos vehicle extinguisher

  • Easy operation
  • Maintenance free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High extinguishing power
  • Micro fog technique
  • KIWA / NCP approved
  • 5 years warranty

Easy operation

The Prymos spray fire extinguisher has a cap that can be removed from the spray can with little force. The red push button that becomes visible below is just as easy to operate as a standard spray can. A user will intuitively operate the spray fire extinguisher correctly. The quality control during the manufacturing process ensures that the spray fire extinguisher can be used at all times.

Extinguishing power

The extinguishing power of a fire extinguisher is in fact determined by the extinguishing agent used and the spraying technique. The Prymos spray fire extinguisher uses a specific extinguishing foam suitable for the application. When the extinguishing agent is sprayed through the Micro-Mist Spray System, a foam is produced, the extinguishing effect of which is based on heat extraction and the suffocating effect of separating the fuel and the oxygen. This effect is supported by a homogeneous cone-shaped spray geometry and the cooling effect of the liquid.

Maintenance free

Maintenance or service on the spray fire extinguisher is not necessary. The extinguishing system and extinguishing agent are intended for single use. The spray fire extinguisher must be replaced after use with a new original Prymos Spray fire extinguisher. The shelf life and reliability of the fire extinguisher is guaranteed, depending on the type, from the date of sale up to 4 years (48 months). Best before date see bottom of extinguisher.

Specifications Prymos Spray fire extinguisher vehicle

  • Content: 625 ml
  • Brand: Primos
  • Color red
  • Fire class: AB
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600 ml

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