Whistle orange two-tone

Whistle orange two-tone

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An orange two-tone whistle is a safety whistle used in situations where quick attention is required. It is often used in industrial working environments, such as factories or shipping, when there is an emergency.

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It is a small, handheld whistle with two different notes that can be produced by blowing. The orange color is often chosen because it stands out and is easy to see, especially in bad weather or in a low light environment.

The two tones a two-tone whistle produces are a high pitch and a low pitch. The high tone is used to attract attention from nearby people, while the low tone can be used to signal from a distance. This makes it a useful tool for mountaineers, hikers, campers, sailors and other outdoor adventurers.

  • Color: Orange
  • Two tone
  • Packed individually
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