HEKA sorb absorbent dressing Sterile 20x30 10 pcs.

HEKA sorb absorbent dressing Sterile 20x30 10 pcs.

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The sterile absorbent dressing for covering large wounds and collecting large amounts of exudate. Sterile packed per piece and available in different sizes.

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Buy absorbent bandage? Efficient wound care with absorbent dressings!

What is an absorbent dressing?

An absorbent dressing, also known as an absorbent dressing, is a specially designed wound dressing that provides excellent moisture absorption. This type of dressing is extremely suitable for wounds with a high moisture-releasing capacity, such as bleeding or heavier wounds. The absorbent dressing is made of material that absorbs and retains moisture, keeping the wound dry and promoting an optimal healing climate.

How do I use an absorbent dressing?

Using an absorbent dressing for effective wound care is simple:

  1. Cleaning the wound: Gently clean the wound and surrounding area to remove any debris and bacteria. Make sure the wound is dry before applying the absorbent dressing.
  2. Applying the dressing: Gently place the absorbent dressing on the wound so that it completely covers the wound. Make sure that the bandage is not too tight so as not to impede blood circulation.
  3. Secure: Firmly secure the absorbent dressing using a tourniquet, trauma bandage, or other appropriate dressing to ensure it remains securely in place.
  4. Wound care: Regularly check that the absorbent dressing is saturated and replace the dressing if necessary for optimal hygiene and healing.

What is an absorbent bandage used for?

An absorbent dressing is mainly used for wounds that release a lot of moisture, such as heavy bleeding or deep wounds. The adhesive absorbent dressing ensures that moisture is effectively absorbed and retained, keeping the wound dry and promoting an optimal healing process. In addition, absorbent dressings can also be used in combination with other wound care products, such as alginate dressings, to promote even better wound healing.

With our specialist products, we offer high-quality absorbent dressings for efficient wound care. Our absorbent compresses are made of high-quality material that effectively absorbs and retains moisture. They are soft, hypoallergenic and provide optimal comfort for the user. Add absorbent dressing to your first aid kit and ensure professional and effective wound care for bleeding and more serious wounds.

Why buy absorbent bandages?

  • Sterile packaged
  • High absorbency
  • Suitable for covering deep wounds
  • Protects the wound from pressure and impact

Order your absorbent compresses now and take care of wounds efficiently and professionally. With our high-quality absorbent dressing you are assured of fast healing and a dry wound environment. Take care of wounds with care and order your absorbent dressings today!

The absorbent dressings are packed sterile and are available in different sizes. In the world of First Aid & Emergency Response, the bandage is also called non-adherent absorbent bandage, absorbent compress or absorbent compress.

  • HEKA Article no.: AB0103
  • ZI Number: 14061910
  • Dimensions: 20 x 30 cm
  • Packed per 10 pieces
  • Suitable for moderately to heavily exuding wounds
Type of Compress
Absorberend kompres
20 x 30 cm
van Heek Medical
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