Wound plasters HACCP Wound plasters HACCP/Blue Detectable

Wound plasters HACCP Wound plasters HACCP/Blue Detectable 10+25/S

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Buy blue plasters - Safety and Hygiene in one range

Are you looking for the perfect solution for wound care in environments where safety and hygiene are key? Discover the benefits of detectable blue patches. These plasters, also known as HACCP plasters, are specially designed to ensure both safety and hygiene. The finger plasters are packed in a handy zipper bag with different sizes of blue plasters.

Advantages of a blue patch

Blue plasters offer several benefits that are essential for a safe working environment:

  1. Visual Detection: The striking blue color of the patches makes them easily detectable in a variety of environments. In the unlikely event that a patch becomes detached, it can be quickly detected and removed.

  2. Metals Detectability: In industries such as food processing, detectable patches are invaluable. They can be detected by metal detectors, minimizing the risk of product contamination.

  3. Hygiene and safety: Blue plasters, including the long finger plaster variant, not only offer the necessary protection for wounds, but also meet strict hygiene standards. They are a must-have for environments where food safety is critical.

  4. Water repellent

In which sectors is a blue patch used?

Blue plasters are used in various sectors, including:

  1. Food Handling: In HACCP certified environments, the use of blue patches is essential to ensure that patches do not enter food unnoticed.

  2. Healthcare: Blue patches are often used in hospitals and clinics, where hygiene and safety for patients and medical staff are of paramount importance.

  3. Industry: In manufacturing environments where metal detectors are used to prevent product contamination, detectable patches are invaluable.

Order detectable blue patches now

Choose the ultimate combination of safety and hygiene with detectable blue plasters. Whether in food processing, healthcare or industrial applications, these patches provide the peace of mind you need. Order now and ensure high-quality wound care that meets the strictest safety and hygiene standards. Invest in your well-being and the integrity of your work environment with detectable blue patches. The assortment of blue plasters contains the following dimensions:

  • 10 x Blue plaster 10 cm x 6 cm (Easy to cut to size with bandage scissors)
  • 25 x Plaster Assortment

These extra long blue plasters are very suitable for all kinds of wounds in the food industry and catering industry. They are very easy and quick to apply.

Specification Sanaplast Assortment of blue plasters

  • Contents: 35 pieces
  • Brand: Sanaplast
  • Type of plaster: HACCP plaster
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