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Fire Extinguisher Foam 2LTR GLORIA 1/ST

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With the extinguishing agent AFFF/Glorilight, these extinguishers offer fast and safe fire fighting.


Buy foam extinguisher or foam fire extinguisher? Go for the 2 liter Foam Extinguisher for Effective Fire Fighting!

Are you considering purchasing a foam extinguisher and are you wondering which size is most suitable? The 2 liter foam extinguisher is an excellent choice for versatile and effective fire fighting. This compact foam fire extinguisher is suitable for various fire classes and is ideal for use in offices, at home, in the car, on boats and in the caravan.

When do you need a 2 liter foam extinguisher?

The 2 liter foam extinguisher is perfect for fighting fires in solids (fire class A) and liquids (fire class B). This makes the foam extinguisher ideal for areas with flammable materials, such as offices, workshops, garages, kitchens and vehicles. Thanks to its compact size, the 2 KG foam extinguisher is easy to handle and store.

Why a Gloria Fire Extinguisher?

Gloria is known for its high-quality fire extinguishers. The 2 KG foam extinguisher from Gloria is equipped with a spray nozzle, which spreads the foam as a thin layer. This ensures fast and effective firefighting, while minimizing collateral damage. In addition, Gloria fire extinguishers are tested and certified according to European standards, which guarantees reliability and safety.

Fire protection with foam extinguishers

Invest in the safety of your home, office or vehicle and choose the 2 liter foam extinguisher. With this versatile fire extinguisher you are prepared for various fire scenarios. Place the foam extinguisher in strategic places, such as in the kitchen, near electrical appliances, in the garage and at the emergency exits.

Choose the 2 liter foam extinguisher for versatile fire fighting. This small but powerful fire extinguisher is a valuable addition to your fire protection equipment.

Don't wait until it's too late! Protect yourself, your family, your employees and your belongings with the reliable 2 KG foam extinguisher from Gloria. Invest in your safety and choose a high-quality foam extinguisher that helps you fight incipient fires quickly and effectively.

With the extinguishing agent AFFF/Glorilight, these extinguishers offer fast and safe fire fighting.

Extinguishers of the constant pressure type filled with the extinguishing agent light water are especially suitable for offices, industrial storage and transshipment and fuel storage.

  • Simple and safe operation by carrying and operating simultaneously.
  • Special spray nozzle with very large surface coverage.
  • Extinguishing cylinder made of high-quality metal.


  • Content: 2 litres
  • Fire class: ABC
  • Height: 31.6 cm
  • Diameter: 16cm
  • Weight 3.4 KG
  • Suitable for: Offices, warehouse & home
  • Spray duration 10 seconds
  • Spray range: 4 meters
  • Extinguishing rating 5 A / 55 B
  • Material: Metal
  • Suitable for temperatures from - 10 °C to plus 60 °C
5 A / 55 B
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2 Liter

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