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Looking for first aid products or first aid materials?

Wound care is a broad concept in the first aid / emergency response world. Common first aid aids that are also provided in a first aid kit are quick bandages, compresses, bandages, net bandages, plasters, trauma bandages, tourniquets and wound cleaning.

You can contact us for a wide range of bandages from well-known brands such as HEKA, Hansaplast, Sanaplast, BSN, 3M, Special Medics, Hartmann and CMT.

Ensure quick healing with the right wound care products.

  • Exam gloves
    Exam gloves

    Need gloves?

    Order Nitrile, latex, cotton or vinyl gloves? Available in all shapes, sizes and quantities.

    Nitrile gloves mostly in accordance with quality standard EN 374 and EN 455. (medical quality)

  • Various

    First Aid Loose Products/Material Miscellaneous

    If you check your first aid kit, you can also contact us for all your individual products. You can think of: bandages , compresses , gloves and, for example, quick bandages.

    Are you still looking for a complete refill, go to: Refill complete

    Need trauma bandages or Nitrile, Vinyl or Latex gloves? Available at in all different types, sizes and colours.

  • Elastic Fixation Wrap
    Elastic Fixation Wrap

    What is an Elastic Fixation Wrap?

    Elastic fixation bandage is suitable for placing wound coverings and securing them with this bandage, even in places that are difficult to connect such as joints and other moving parts of the body. Fixation bandage is an integral part of a first aid kit or first aid kit .

    Looking for Elastomul? Available in different sizes and units. Elastomull is the well-known brand of BSN medical which is known for the quality of the product and the stretchability with which it ensures that it always stays in place.

  • adhesive strips
    adhesive strips

    Suture strips/Dovetail

    The adhesive strips are an integral part of a first aid kit. Suture strips are adhesive strips used to bring the edges of a wound together to ensure proper wound healing without over-scarring.

    Looking for Leukostrips or Omnistrips?

    We offer a wide range of well-known brands such as Hartmann, Smith & Nephew, 3M and HEKA.

  • Ideal Bandage Bandage
    Ideal Bandage Bandage

    Ideal- Self Adhesive & Universal Wrap

    Bandages & Wraps are sometimes confused as a product, but this does not mean more than the same product. Below you will find all types of bandages which are available in all types and sizes.

    You can easily and quickly order individual items per type with our Checklists .

  • Instruments


    A first aid kit is not only provided with bandages, plasters or bandages, but also contains instruments such as tick tweezers or tweezers. These instruments indicate the diversity of a first- aid kit with which all accidents can be solved faster.

  • quick wound dressing
    quick wound dressing

    quick wound dressing

    A fixed part of the first aid kit is the quick wound dressing, but what is the function behind this product. With a wound dressing you can quickly treat and cover a wound. The handy dressing allows you to quickly place the sterile compress on the wound and roll the elastic bandage attached to it and then stick it using the pieces of adhesive / adhesive plaster. That way you'll be ready quickly.

  • net bandage
    net bandage

    Buy net bandage?

    Mesh bandages, also called tubular bandages, are used to fix bandages without using other materials. Available in different sizes and packaging units. If you are looking for something else in the field of first aid products , you have come to the right place.

  • Compresses

    Need compresses?

    The compresses are an integral part of a first-aid kit and first- aid kits. A compress is a sterile or non-sterile gauze to cover the wound. Compresses are available in different sizes and quantities. A compress is usually fixed with an adhesive plaster or a quick bandage .

  • quick bandage
    quick bandage

    quick bandage

    A fixed part of the first aid kit or first aid kit is the emergency bandage. A quick dressing consists of a wound pad and bandage in one product. Depending on the size of the wound, you choose the size of the dressing.

    The rolled bandage is also used in emergency response and first aid training.

  • Finger Bob / Finger Buddies
    Finger Bob / Finger Buddies

    Finger Bob/Finger Buddies

    A fixed part of the first aid kit according to the latest 2016 standard is the finger bob. Available in different colours, sizes and quantities.

    A finger bob is used for joining fingers and toes.

  • cotton wool
    cotton wool

    cotton wool

  • Skin protection
    Skin protection
  • wound sets
    wound sets
  • Trauma

    trauma bandage

    A trauma bandage is used to staunch strong external bleeding. Other names for a trauma bandage are also Emergency Bandage or Isreali Bandage.

    You have also come to the right place for a turnstile .

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